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Next Generation PicoScope is here!

PicoScope 4423


The Pico lab scope has been great and the Ace Misfire software, well, nothing short of awesome... Sean Schultz
Nasca Automotive
Oakland Park, Florida, US

A.C.E. Misfire Detective in the news

Identifying the source of a cylinder misfire can be very time-consuming. New software, running in partnership with a PC-based oscilloscope, does a big chunk of the work for you....

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The Fuel ZAPP is the must have tool for easy fuel system diagnosis

We offer financing for purchases of $1,000.00 and up through Uninsource Capital

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Download a Demo
A.C.E. Misfire Detective

ACE Demo (46Mb)

AutoEnginuity Scan Tool Download Page

For latest Auto Enginuity Scan Tool video, update files, manuals and release notes: Click here!


International News

ACE Misfire Detective is distributed in European and Asian markets by Pico Technology Limited UK the manufacturer of Pico PC based Lab Scopes


Thompson Automotive Labs is the North American distributor of Carbon Zapp International (Athens Greece) Fuel System Cleaning and Diagnostic tools


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Financing Available!


We offer financing for purchases of $1,000.00 and up through Uninsource Capital

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You can fill it in on your computer before you print it to sign, or you can print it out and write it in and sign.  Either way, fax it to us at 770-205-0831 when you're finished.  If you have any questions, call us at 800-404-6792.

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We offer technical training classes on a variety of subjects around the U.S.A. and Canada. Here are a couple of example clips courtesy of Technician Service Training Org




Feature articles written by John Thompson

Motor Magazine, Nov 2006
 Shots in the Dark: Engine Misfire Diagnosis - John Thompson

Chasing after something you can't touch, that can come and go seemingly at will, can be confusing and frustrating. That's why a systematic approach to misfire diagnosis is essential.
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Motor Magazine, July 2007

 Go With the Flow: Basic Fuel System Analysis - John Thompson

While basic fuel system diagnosis may begin with a fuel pressure measurement, it certainly shouldn't end there. The system's fuel volume and flow also must be measured and evaluated.
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Motor Magazine, May 2008

 Carbon Deposits: Cleaning Up What’s Left Behind - John Thompson

Engine carbon deposits have a measurable effect on performance, emissions and fuel economy. Routine carbon cleaning has been shown to prevent these problems, and remedial cleaning removes more severe deposits that have already formed. Click cover to continue reading article...


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