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  Automotive Training Manuals

Automotive Driveabilty

Author: Peter F. Meier
Pages: 145
Art: Over 85 photos, illustrations, charts
Binding: Perfect bound
Overview: This book is written for techs who feel "less than comfortable" with driveablity diagnosis and
is a valuable aid for both novice and intermediate level techs. It provides 14 chapters to give readers a logical approach to diagnostics covering: *How an ECM Thinks *Global OBD2 Modes and Monitors *Mode $06  *Understanding Fuel Trim *Electrical Testing Techniques *Tackling Diagnostic Trouble Codes * Scan Tools *Scopes 101 *Ignition System Testing Techniques *Fuel System Testing Techniques *Testing Mechanical Integrity *What Not to Do *When Things Go Right, and more.

Book Price: $59.95    or    E-Book on CD Price: $39.95


or Buy Both: $89.95

Getting to Know OBD II

Art: Over 100 photos, illustrations, charts
Binding: Spiral bound
Awards: Motor Top 20 Tool Award
Overview: Great primer for technicians learning OBD II. Includes descriptions of DTCs, monitors, drive cycles, scan tool interfaces, generic troubleshooting procedures. Glossary, table of contents, index.
Additions to Second Edition: WRAF sensor operation, CAN update, CAN application chart, useful websites, data protocol overview, and interpreting calculated scan tool values

Price: $59.95 

OBD II Monitors and Mode 6

Art: Over 100 photos, illustrations, charts
Binding: Spiral bound
Overview: Three books in one:
1) OBD Monitors, 2) EVAP operation and
tests, and 3) Mode 6.
This manual describes how the OBD II scan tool emissions test works; how monitors run to test the system; why you shouldn't always erase DTCs; how to use monitor definitions to run them faster; how the Evaporative Emisssion sytem (EVAP) works; how to test for EVAP leaks; how to use Mode 6 data to evaluate vehicle faults; why you need to be careful when using Mode 6.

Price: $69.95

OBD II Diagnostic Strategies

Pages: 112 black and white
Art: Over 125 photos, illustrations, charts
Binding: Spiral bound
Overview: The next step for technicians after they learn the basics of OBD II. Includes overviews of scan tool emissions tests, freeze frame analysis, DTC code set criteria, Mode Six overview, scan tool special tests, diagnosing fuel trim DTCs, common tests/useful testers, and 19 pages dedicated to diagnosing common fuel system problems that result in fuel related DTCs. Quick reference glossary, index, and tech tips.

Price: $59.95

Getting to Know the Automotive Labscope

Pages: 92 black and white
Art: Over 90 photos, illustrations, charts
Binding: Spiral bound
Overview: This book is designed to familiarize technicians with the functions and settings used to set up a scope for many common automotive tests. Chapters include: (1) Scope Essentials; (2) Controls, Connections, Channels, Coupling; (3) Time and Voltage Settings, (4) Transducers; (4) Major Signal Types; (5) Getting Connected (probe placement for common sensor tests). Includes glossary and end-of-chapter multiple choice quizzes.

Price: $59.95

Vehicle Emissions Diagnostic Strategies

Pages: 96 Black and White
Art: 90 illustrations, photos, and charts
Binding: Spiral bound
Overview: Written by Sam Bell, shop owner and Motor magazine contributor. Chapter topics include (1) Combustion; (2) Emission Control Devices; (3) Emission Tests; (4) Analyzing Test Results; (5) Troubleshooting and Tips. Book discusses traditional gas analysis, including lambda evaluation, plus OBD II DTCs commonly associated with common vehicle problems. Includes combustion overview, the nature of emissions, how emission controls operate to reduce specific gases, and how to determine whether an emissions problem is caused by an air/fuel imbalance. Special NOx troubleshooting section, glossary, and index.

Price: $59.95

Troubleshooting Batteries,  Alternators, Starters

Pages: 66 Black and White
Art: Over 100 photos, illustrations, charts
Binding: Spiral bound
Overview: This book is broken into three separate, easy-to-teach modules, each with its own table of contents. Problem-specific diagnostic techniques are clearly illustrated to show test points and equipment required. Addresses common battery diagnostics, charging system problem areas and tests, and starter/starter relay circuit operation. Includes glossary of terms and mini quizzes. Ideal for new trainees and as a review for experienced techs.

Price: $39.95

Getting to Know Asian Imports (Toyota/Honda)

Pages: 122 Black and White
Art: 100+ illustrations, photos, and charts
Binding: Spiral bound
Overview: Overview: Concentrates on Toyota and Honda vehicles with an introductory section listing general tips and tests applicable to these and many other Asian makes. Covers major fuel systems and ignition system strategies. Final chapter includes overview of of hybrid technologies used by Honda and Toyota.

Price: $59.95

Getting to Know Automotive Computers

Pages: 85 Black and White
Art: Over 100 photos, illustrations, charts
Binding: Spiral bound
Overview: This book is useful for both intermediate and advanced students. It provides an overview of basic vehicle computer operation for the intermediate student while offering updates on newer advanced technologies such as CAN, vehicle networking strategies, data protocols, and an overview of OBD II Mode 6 that includes sample screens and PID values. Includes vehicle input/output relationships, component descriptions, and scan tool troubleshooting tips. Index for quick reference by topic.

Price: $49.95

Fuel Pump Testing with a Low Amps Probe

Pages: 39 Black and White
Art: Over 50 photos, illustrations, charts
Binding: Spiral bound
Overview: This book is designed for techs who have some familiarity with scopes and low amp probes. (Suggested prerequisite Getting to Know the Automotive Lab Scope). Shows amp probe setup and current measurement techniques for testing modern automotive electrical fuel pumps. Sample waveforms show how to interpret common DC and AC current waveforms to evaluate fuel pump motor condition and measure average pump current.

Price: $39.95

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