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A.C.E. Cam & Crank Waveform Reference Library
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Our Price-Book: $55.95 CD: $45.95 Both: $99.95
This handy guide can save you hours of work!

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Known good examples of Cam and Crank sensor signals!

The A.C.E. Ckp/Cmp Signal Reference Guide provides known good examples of 60 different proper relationship signals for domestically produced engines.




Save hours of teardown time to verify that a timing belt or timing chain is aligned correctly. A reference relationship waveform is also an absolute must for setting a Ford Hall effect cam synchronizer properly with a lab scope.




 The 60 relationships covered are illustrated in 104 large and easy to read waveforms and show the vast majority of Crankshaft and Camshaft synch relationships of all the Chrysler, Ford and GM engines ever produced. Many also have reference markings for TDC. This useful and inexpensive guide will pay for itself with it’s first use. NOTE: Each of the waveforms were captured with Picoscope

Contents: 60-pages of known-good waveforms are provided for each system listed below, one page for each system. A typical page shows the CAM signal (red) superimposed over the CRANK signal (blue). Many pages show the same signals from two views: slow time base and a faster time base (wide angle and zoom views).

Click here to view more sample screens

Chrysler   Ford  GM
Chrysler 2.4
Chrysler 2.5
Chrysler 2.7
Chrysler 3.0
Chrysler 3.2
Chrysler 3.3
Chrysler 3.5
Chrysler 3.7
Chrysler 3.8
Chrysler 3.9
Chrysler 4.0-(early)
Chrysler 4.0-(late)
Chrysler 4.7
Chrysler 5.2
Chrysler 5.9
Ford VRS 1.9
Ford VRS 2.0
Ford VCT/VRS 2.0
Ford VRS 2.3
Ford VRS 2.5 (4cyl)
Ford VRS 2.5 (6cyl)
Ford Hall 3.0
Ford VRS 3.0
Ford Hall 3.2
Ford VRS 3.4
Ford Hall 3.8
Ford VRS 3.8
Ford Hall 4.0 OHC
Ford VRS 4.0 OHC
Ford Hall 4.0 OHV
Ford VRS 4.0 OHV
Ford Hall 4.2
Ford VRS 4.6
Ford Hall 5.0
Ford VRS 5.4
Ford VRS 6
Saturn 1.9-(early)
Saturn 1.9-(late)
GM 2.2
GM 2.3
GM 2.4
GM 2.8-(3X/7X)
GM 3.1-(3X/7X)
GM 3.1
GM 3.3
GM 3.4-(3X/7X)
GM 3.4
GM 3.5
GM 3.8
GM 4.0
GM 4.2
GM 4.3
GM 4.6
GM 4.8
GM 5.0
GM 5.3
GM 5.7
GM 6.0
GM 7.4



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